About Our Charity

The Capital Limited Breaths & Beats Ride for Research, a remarkable event organised by the Heart and Lung Research Institute.

As the only medical research institute in WA dedicated to heart and lung transplant research, we have expanded our focus to encompass various areas of advanced cardiac and respiratory conditions. Through collaboration with Fiona Stanley Hospital and participation in multi-centre trials worldwide, we conduct groundbreaking clinical research and foster mentorship and collaboration.

This annual ride showcases the tangible benefits that research into heart and lung disease can bring to the Western Australian community. Be part of our inaugural Breaths and Beats Ride and challenge yourself alongside one of our heart and lung transplant recipient teams.

Meet our riders

Discover the inspiring stories of our riders and the remarkable journey of heart and lung recipients who have triumphed over adversity. Read more about how they have overcome their challenges, embraced life after transplantation, and become ambassadors for Breaths & Beats Ride for Research.

About the Ride

It is a 29km ride which starts and finishes at South Perth Foreshore. Our heart and lung recipient ambassadors are the stars of the event but they need your help to make them shine.

Our research

Our focus began with transplantation and we remain the only medical research institute in WA performing heart and lung transplant research. This work has allowed our skills and capacity to grow and we are now actively investigating numerous areas of advanced heart and lung disease.

By joining our ride or making a donation, you become an integral part of the community actively changing the lives of West Australians battling heart and lung disease.

Ride for research highlights

Our Passion

Our work and discoveries remind us daily, that by researching the sickest hearts and lungs we will make a difference. We learn more about common heart and lung diseases affecting our community and thus taking the steps to improve them one day at a time. We can potentially accelerate the process with the support of our charity Breaths & Beats and your assistance along the journey.

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