About The Institute

In 2015, the Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit at Fiona Stanley Hospital opened its doors as an amalgamation of the old Fremantle Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital units.

This new beginning, offered heart and lung patients a state of the art hospital facility with experienced staff. What it lacked, was a way for staff to join experts outside of medicine to conduct research looking for new solutions to the problems that our patients brought us every day.

Out of this need, in May 2015, a small band of inquisitive doctors and a clinical perfusionist formed the Cardiothoracic Research and Audit Group (CRAG). In 2017, after steady growth we became an incorporated association and registered charity, renamed as the Heart and Lung Institute WA Inc.

Location is key

Today our institute runs preclinical laboratories within the Harry Perkins Institute on the Fiona Stanley Hospital Campus as well as complimentary facilities at Murdoch University.

We conduct clinical research in partnership with Fiona Stanley Hospital and their patients as well as participate in multicentre trials across other hospitals and around the world.

The heart of us

We are proud of our researchers and now boast nurse scientists in our laboratories as well as university students and junior doctors learning from senior clinicians and scientists. Mentorship and collaboration are core to our efforts.

Our research

Our focus began with transplantation and we remain the only medical research institute in WA performing heart and lung transplant research. This work has allowed our skills and capacity to grow and we are now actively investigating numerous areas of advanced heart and lung disease.

Our Funding and Research Partners

Our Passion

Our work and discoveries remind us daily, that by researching the sickest hearts and lungs we will make a difference. We learn more about common heart and lung diseases affecting our community and thus taking the steps to improve them one day at a time. We can potentially accelerate the process with the support of our charity Breaths & Beats and your assistance along the journey.

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